PoP Checklist

PoP Checklist
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Planar Progression Checklist


Map of the Plane of Tranquility


Progression Guide Checklist


Tier 1


q 1A. Plane of Justice (Prereq: Level 46)

q     a. Find Mavuin in the basement, hail him and follow his text.

q     b. Talk to the Tribunals, follow their text, complete any one Trial, looting a Mark from it.

q     c. Hail the Tribunal for your completed Trial and say “What evidence of Mavuin?”

q     d. Return to Mavuin and hail him. You are now flagged for Valor and Storms.


q  1B. Plane of Nightmares (Prereq: Level 46) (Can 85/15 to #g, but will need Hedge flag later)

q     a. Hail Elder Poxbourne in the “Sick Bay” building in Tranquility.

q     b. Hail Adroha Jezith nearby and say “tortured by nightmares”. You are preflagged.

q     c. Find the Hedge in the NE corner of Nightmares.

q     d. Have the leaders of 3 groups hail Thelin Poxbourne to be ported into the Maze.

q     e. Escort Thelin through the Maze and defeat the Construct of Nightmares at the end.

q     f. Hail Elder Poxbourne and Adroha Jezith again. You are flagged for PoNb.

q     g. Enter PoNb through the gate near the Hedge. (Can 85/15, but will need Hedge flag)

q     h. Defeat Terris Thule.

q     i. Hail Elder Poxbourne in Sick Bay. You are now flagged for Torment (if completed #a-f).


q  1C. Plane of Disease (Prereq: Level 46)

q     a. Hail Alder Fuirstel in Tranquility near Disease, talk and say “what ward”. Preflagged.

q     b. Enter Disease, fight to and defeat Grummus,

q     c. Hail the Planar Projection. Flagged for Crypt of Decay.

q     d. Enter Decay through the pipe near Grummus. (Optional?)

q     e. Return to Sick Bay in Tranquility and hail Elder Fuirstel. Received Grummus flag.


q  1D. Plane of Innovation (Prereq: Level 46) (Can 85/15 to #b.)

q     a. Defeat Xanamech Nezmirthafen for access to the Factory. (Optional, 85/15 rule)

q     b. Enter the Factory and hail the gnome. Say “I will test the machine.” Preflagged.

q     c. Defeat the Manaetic Behemoth deep inside the factory.

q     d. Hail the gnome at the Factory entrance again. Flagged for Tactics.

Tier 2


q  2A. Plane of Storms (Prereq: 1A, or Level 55 for just Experience)

q     a. Find and hail Askr the Lost in the caves.

q     b. Loot a Storm Giant Head.

q     c. Turn the head in to Askr. Follow his text and receive Askr’s Bag of Veracity.

q     d. Loot a Storm Volaas Beard from the ocean giants.

q     e. Loot a Storm Taarid Bone from the desert giants.

q     f. Loot a Storm Satuur Sash from the forest giants.

q     g. Combine the three items in Askr’s bag and turn it in to him. Minor flagged.

q     h. Ask Askr about the Bastion of Thunder and receive a bag again.

q     i. Loot an Esoteric Medallion from the named giant of any two of the three areas.

q     j. Combine the Medallions and turn the bag into Askr. Flagged for Bastion of Thunder.


q  2B. Plane of Valor (Prereq: 1A, or Level 55 for Exp) (Note: Can 85/15 straight to #p)

q     a. Find and hail Sergeant Johson Popoah and follow his text.

q     b. Find and hail Paralin Notion, say you’re brave, and follow his text.

q     c. Immediately find Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln in the bridgehouse.

q     d. Say “I am here to aid the cause.” and follow his text until he tells you to leave.

q     e. Return to Paralin Notion and follow his text.

q     f. Loot a Razorfiend Heart.

q     g. Loot a Crystalline Spider Heart

q     h. Loot a Planarian Larvae Heart

q     i. Turn the three hearts in to Paralin Notion. Minor flagged.

q     j. Return to the Master Sergeant and hail him. Follow his text.

q     k. Find and hail Captain Ryglot Cupperhide. Follow his text.

q     l. Loot a crystalline globe from the Luminii Crawler.

q     m. Loot a crystalline globe from frogs near the bridgehouse.

q     n. Loot a crystalline globe from the skeletons.

q     o. Turn the three crystalline globes in to the Captain for the key to Aerin`Dar’s lair.

q     p. Enter Aerin`Dar’s lair and defeat him (can 85/15 to skip #a-o).

q     q. Hail the Astral Projection after Aerin`Dar’s defeat. Stealth minor flagged.

q     r. Click to enter Halls of Honor. Flagged for Halls of Honor.


q  2C. Crypt of Decay (Prereq: 1C, or Level 55 for just Experience) (Can 85/15 to #c?)

q     a. Fight through Carpin, Ahvi, Bishop, Vindor, Raex, and High Priest Ultor Szanvon.

q     b. Hail Tarkil Adan ONCE, very close, not invis. 36 flags for Bertoxxulous can be given.

q     c. Defeat Bertoxxulous and hail the Planar Projection.

q     d. Hail Adler Fuirstel near Disease and Elder Fuirstel in Sick Bay. Received Bertox flag.

Tier 3


q  3A. Halls of Honor (Prereq: 2B, or Level 62 for Exp) (Can 85/15 to #d, will need trials later)

q     a. Complete the Rydda`Dar trial.

q     b. Complete the Ogre / Village People) trial.

q     c. Complete the Madmen / Crazed Norrathians trial. Flagged for HoHb after all three trials.

q     d. Enter the Halls of Honor B and defeat Mithaniel Marr. Received MM flag.


q  3B. Plane of Torment (Prereq: 1B and 2C, or Level 55 for just Experience)

q     a. Hail Fahlia Shadyglade in Sick Bay and follow her text, ending “I will go.” Preflagged.

q     b. Enter Torment and fight up the Tower, defeating Maareq the Prophet on the 4th floor.

q     c. One person talks to Tylis Newleaf and raid gathers close for teleport to Keeper.

q     d. Defeat the Keeper of Sorrows.

q     e. Hail Tylis (important!), then tell him you’re “ready for travel” to return to the 4th floor.

q     f. Go to the 5th floor, defeat Saryrn, and hail the Planar Projection.

q     g. Return to Sick Bay and hail Tylis and Fahlia. Received Saryrn flag.


q  3C. Plane of Tactics (Prereq: 1D, or Wembly quest from Storms for just Experience)

q     a. Defeat Tallon and Vallon Zek and hail the Planar Projection. Received TZ/VZ flag.

q     b. Defeat Rallos Zek the Warlord and hail the Planar Projection. Received RZtW flag.


q  3D. Bastion of Thunder (Prereq: 2A, or Level 62 for just Experience) (#a-m Optional)

q     a. Hail Askr the Lost inside and follow his text.

q     b. Loot a Tornado Gem from the North wing.

q     c. Loot a Sandstorm Gem from the South wing.

q     d. Loot a Blizzard Gem from the East wing.

q     e. Loot a Lightning Gem from the West wing.

q     f. Loot a Ring of Torden from a mini boss in any wing.

q     g. Combine the four gems inside the ring for access to the Towers (need 1 key/group).

q     h. Loot a Tornado Sphere from the North wing (all spheres are rare on the first floor)

q     i. Loot a Sandstorm Sphere from the South wing

q     j. Loot a Blizzard Sphere from the East wing.

q     k. Loot a Lightning Sphere from the West wing.

q     l. Loot an Unadorned Symbol of Torden from any second floor mini boss.

q     m. Combine the four Spheres inside the Symbol for the key to Agnarr (need 1 key/group).

q     n. Defeat Agnarr the Storm Lord.

q     o. Go upstairs to Karana and hail him. Talk and say “I will follow the path of the Fallen.”


q  3E. Tier 4 Plane Access. (Prereq: All Above. Can do #a-b and 4A.a-e before 3C.b, though.)

q     a. Take the Knowledge library elevator to the top floor and hail Grand Librarian Maelin.

q     b. Follow his text with “I have new lore” and “I have new information”.

q     c. Flagged for access to the Elemental Planes and Tower of Solusek Ro.

Tier 4


q  4A. Tower of Solusek Ro (Prereq: 3E, can do #a-e without 3C.b, though)

q     a. Defeat the mini boss Riziona

q     b. Defeat the mini boss Arlyxir

q     c. Defeat the mini boss Jiva

q     d. Defeat the mini boss Xuzl

q     e. Defeat the mini boss Dresolisk

q     f. Enter the room of Solusek Ro and defeat him. Flagged for Plane of Fire.


q  4B. PoAir - Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind (Prereq: 3E)

q     a. Defeat the Avatars of Wind to gain access to Xegony, goddess of Air.

q     b. Defeat Xegony for the Amorphous Cloud of Air.


q  4C. PoEarth – Vegarlson, the Earthen Badland (Prereq: 3E)

q     a. Complete the rings to spawn the Mystical Arbitor.

q     b. Defeat the Mystical Arbitor. Flagged for PoEb.

q     c. Enter PoEb and defeat the Rathe Council to spawn the Avatar of Earth.

q     d. Defeat the Avatar of Earth for the Mound of Living Stone.


q  4D. PoWater – Reef of Coirnav (Prereq: 3E)

q     a. Defeat Coirnav, the Avatar of Water for the Sphere of Coalesced Water.


q  4E. PoFire – Doomfire, the Burning Lands (Prereq: 3E and 4A)

q     a. Defeat Fennin Ro, the Avatar of Fire for the Globe of Dancing Flame.


The Plane of Time


q  5A. Plane of Time Access (Prereq: 4B-4E) (Can skip to #o if your guild has an Odylic Vial.)

q     a. Acquire Emerald Colored Mephit Scales from PoWater.

q     b. Acquire Oil of a Frog from PoWater.

q     c. Combine the two in a Glaze Mortar with Glaze Lacquer for Aqua Glaze.

q     d. Acquire Liquefied Earth from PoEarth (A or B).

q     e. Acquire Shattered Crystal from PoEarth (A or B).

q     f. Combine the two in a Glaze Mortar with Glaze Lacquer for Earthen Glaze.

q     g. Acquire Solidified Magma from PoFire.

q     h. Acquire Fiery Granite from PoFire.

q     i. Combine the two in a Glaze Mortar with Glaze Lacquer for Magma Glaze.

q     j. Acquire Alabaster Beak from PoAir.

q     k. Acquire Ivory Stormrider Canine from PoAir.

q     l. Combine the two in a Glaze Mortar with Glaze Lacquer for Windy Glaze.

q     m. Combine the four Glazes in a Glaze Mortar for Multielemental Glaze.

q     n. Combine with an Unfired Med Container and HQ Firing Sheet in a kiln for an Odylic Vial.

q     o. Combine the drop from each Elemental god in the Vial for Quintessence of Elements.

q     p. Hail Grand Librarian Maelin atop the Knowledge library with your Quintessence in hand.

q     q. Enter the Plane of Innovation Factory (bring someone with a key if necessary).

q     r. Turn left in the first room and open the door there. Talk to Chronographer Muon (robot).

q     s. Talk to Loreseeker Maelin, and enter the Plane of Time.