PoP Checklist

Toromin's Norrathian Compilation
Last Updated: October 2nd, 2004  3:01pm PST

KoS Countdown: 27      Maxed Countup: 17


Standing Level Description B S G D A I A K W A M
UnspecifiedN/AThis faction standing is unverified at this time.            
Bottomed-2000This faction standing could not possibly get any worse.           
Scowling-1999This faction scowls at you, ready to attack.          
Glaring-800This faction glares at you threateningly.         
Dubious-500This faction glowers at you dubiously.        
Apprehensive-100This faction looks your way apprehensively.       
Indifferent0This faction regards you indifferently.      
Amiable100This faction judges you amiably.     
Kindly500This faction kindly considers you.    
Warmly700This faction looks upon you warmly.   
Ally1100This faction regards you as an ally.  
Maxed2000This faction standing could not possibly get any better.

* Factions marked with an asterisk are less than Ally, but at the highest level possible considering race, class, and religion incompatibility.

Faction Checklist – Faydwer

Faction Description B S G D A I A K W A M
The Feir’Dal
Emerald Warriors Kelethin Warrior Guild  
Faydarks Champions Kelethin Ranger Guild
Kelethin Merchants Kelethin Merchants     
Scouts of Tunare Kelethin Rogue Guild     
Soldiers of Tunare Kelethin Druid Guild
Songweavers Kelethin Bard Guild      
The Koada’Dal
Anti-Mage High Elf Casters Throughout Old World    
Clerics of Tunare Felwithe Cleric Guild
FelGuard Felwithe Guards
Keepers of the Art Felwithe Casters Guild    
King Tearis Thex Felwithe King  
Merchants of Felwithe Felwithe Merchants      
The Dwarves
Clerics of Underfoot Kaladim Cleric Guild       
Kaladim Citizens Dwarves in Butcherblock       
Kaladim Merchants Kaladim Merchants (cf. Merchants of Kaladim)      
Kazon Stormhammer Kaladim Dwarven King      
Merchants of Kaladim Kaladim Merchants (cf. Kaladim Merchants)      
Miners Guild 249 Kaladim Paladin Guild (cf. Paladins of Underfoot)       
Miners Guild 628 Kaladim Rogue Guild       
Paladins of Underfoot Kaladim Paladin Guild (cf. Miners Guild 249)       
Storm Guard Kaladim Warrior Guild and Guards  
Veeshan Few Dwarves on Faydwer       
The Gnomes
Dark Reflection Ak`anon Necromancer and Shadow Knight Guild        
Deep Muses Ak`anon Cleric and Rogue Guild      
Eldritch Collective Ak`anon Casters Guild        
Gem Choppers Ak`anon Warrior Guild and Outer Guard   
King Ak`anon Ak`anon Gnomish Clockwork King and Inner Guard    
Merchants of Ak`anon Ak`anon Merchants       

Faction Checklist – Antonica

Faction Description B S G D A I A K W A M
The Humans of Freeport
Arcane Scientists Freeport Casters Guild       
Ashen Order Freeport Monk Guild    
Coalition of Tradefolk Freeport Merchants    
Coalition of Tradefolk Und Freeport Rogue Guild     
Dismal Rage Freeport Evil Guilds
Freeport Militia Freeport Guards     
Knights of Truth Freeport Paladin Guild (Mithaniel and Erollisi Marr)     
Opal Darkbriar Freeport Evil Intelligence Agent        
Priests of Marr Freeport Cleric Guild (Mithaniel and Erollisi Marr)       
Steel Warriors Freeport and Qeynos Warrior Guilds      
The Humans of Qeynos
Antonius Bayle Qeynos Mayor   
Bloodsabers Qeynos Bertoxxulous Followers (Sewers)        
Circle of Unseen Hands Qeynos Rogue Guild    
Citizens of Qeynos Qeynos Inhabitants (cf. Qeynos Citizens)      
Corrupt Qeynos Guards Qeynos Guards (Evil/Corrupt)
Guards of Qeynos Qeynos Guards (Good)     
Kane Bayle Qeynos Evil Leader
Knights of Thunder Qeynos Cleric and Paladin Guild (Karana)    
Merchants of Qeynos Qeynos Merchants
Order of Three Qeynos Casters Guild       
Priests of Life Qeynos Cleric and Paladin Guild (Rodcet Nife)    
Qeynos Citizens Qeynos Inhabitants (cf. Citizens of Qeynos)      
Silent Fist Clan Qeynos Monk Guild     
The Tier'Dal (And Others In Neriak)
Dark Bargainers * Neriak Merchants (and Dark Elf Merchants of all Antonica)   
Dreadguard Inner * Neriak Guards (Inside City)      
Dreadguard Outer * Neriak Guards (Outside City)      
Ebon Mask Neriak Rogue Guild (cf. Hall of the Ebon Mask)          
Hall of the Ebon Mask Neriak Rogue Guild (cf. Ebon Mask)          
Indigo Brotherhood Neriak Warrior Guild           
King Naythox Thex Neriak King          
Ogre Neriak Ogre Inhabitants        
Priests of Innoruuk Neriak Cleric Guild          
Primordial Malice Neriak Absent Rebel Faction          
Queen Cristanos Thex Neriak Queen          
The Dead Neriak Necromancer and Shadow Knight Guild          
The Spurned Neriak Casters Guild          
The Barbarians
Merchants of Halas Halas Merchants       
Rogues of the White Rose Halas Rogue Guild       
Shamen of Justice Halas Shaman Guild       
Wolves of the North Halas Warrior Guild and Guards       
The Humans of Highpass Hold
Carson McCabe Highpass Hold Boss Guy       
HighHold Citizens Highpass Hold Inhabitants        
Highpass Guards Highpass Hold Guards        
Merchants of Highpass Highpass Hold Merchants       
The Frogloks
Citizens of Gukta Gukta Merchants and Inhabitants      
Guktan Elders Gukta NPCs      
High Council of Gukta Gukta Ruling Council      
Lorekeepers of Gukta Gukta NPCs      
Paladins of Gukta Gukta Paladin Guild      
Protectors of Gukta Gukta Guards      
Wizards of Gukta Gukta Wizard Guild      
The Ogres
Clurg Oggok’s Clurg the Ogre Bartender        
Craknek Warriors Oggok Warriors Guild          
Greenblood Knights Oggok Shadow Knight Guild         
Merchants of Oggok Oggok Merchants        
Oggok Residents Oggok Inhabitants        
Ogre Guard Oggok Guards          
Shamen of War Oggok Shaman and Beastlord Guild          
The Halflings
DeepPockets Rivervale Rogue Guild       
Guardians of the Vale Rivervale Warrior Guild and Guards     
Mayor Gubbin Rivervale Mayor       
Merchants of Rivervale Rivervale Merchants       
Priests of Mischief Rivervale Cleric and Paladin Guild      
Storm Reapers Rivervale Druid and Ranger Guild     
The Folk of Nature
Jaggedpine Treefolk Jaggedpine Forest Inhabitants, various Rangers and Druids     
Protectors of Pine Surefall Ranger and Druid Guild     
QRG Protected Animals Surefall Glade Beasts   
Residents of Jaggedpine Jaggedpine Forest Inhabitants     
Unkempt Druids Surefall Renegade Druid and Rangers    
The Trolls
Broken Skull Clan Troll Sect            
Da Bashers Troll Warrior Guild          
Dark Ones Troll Shaman and Beastlord Guild          
Grobb Merchants Troll Merchants (Now Dark Bargainers in Neriak?)      
SKs of Night Keep Troll Shadow Knight Guild          
The Stragglers
Anchorites of Brell Serilis Jaggedpine Forest Gnolls       
Commons Residents West/East Commons and Oasis/North/South Ro Inhabitants    
Frogloks of Guk Living Frogloks in Upper Guk      
Karana Residents Plains of Karana Inhabitants     
King Xorbb Absent King of the Beholder’s Maze            
Kithicor Residents Kithicor Forest Inhabitants     
League of Antonican Bards Bards and their Associates Throughout Old World  
Oracle of Karnon Ocean of Tears Oracle      
Solusek Mining Company Solusek’s Eye Gnomes            
Temple of Solusek Ro Temple of Solusek Ro Inhabitants      
Tribe Vrodak Solusek C Inhabitants            
True Spirit Epic Quest NPCs       
Wayfarers Brotherhood Wayfarers Brotherhood NPCs      

Faction Checklist - Odus

Faction Description B S G D A I A K W A M
Craftkeepers Erudin Enchanter Guild      
Crimson Hands Erudin Wizard Guild      
Deepwater Knights Erudin Cleric and Paladin Guild (Prexus)     
Gate Callers Erudin Magician Guild     
High Council of Erudin Erudin Ruling Council      
High Guard of Erudin Erudin Guards   
Merchants of Erudin Erudin Merchants       
Peacekeepers Erudin Cleric and Paladin Guild (Quellious)      
Heretics Paineel Evil Erudites       
Kejek Village Kejek Village of Kerrans in Stonebrunt      
Kejekan Kejek Kerrans in Stonebrunt      
Kerra Isle Kerra Isle Inhabitants      

Faction Checklist - Kunark

Faction Description B S G D A I A K W A M
The Iksar of Cabilis
Brood of Kotiz Cabilis Necromancer Guild          
Cabilis Residents * Cabilis Inhabitants      
Crusaders of Greenmist * Cabilis Shadow Knight Guild      
Legion of Cabilis * Cabilis Warrior Guild and Guards      
Scaled Mystics * Cabilis Shaman Guild          
Swift Tails * Cabilis Monk Guild      
Brood of Di’zok Chardok Sarnaks  
Firiona Vie Elven (Good and Neutral) Outpost on Kunark     
New Alliance of Stone Unknown Faction Raised in Trakanon’s Teeth            
Ring of Scale Veeshan Followers          
Sarnak Collective Kunark Sarnaks        
Tunarean Court Court of Tunare            
Venril Sathir Overthere Outpost          

Faction Checklist - Velious

Faction Description B S G D A I A K W A M
Citizens of Frostone Lost city of Coldain deep in the Crystal Caverns        
Claws of Veeshan Skyshrine and other Velious Dragons          
Coldain Thurgadin and other Velious Dwarves
Dain Frostweaver IV Coldain King            
King Tormax Kael Drakkel King          
Kromrif Kael Drakkel and other Velious Frost Giants           
Kromzek Kael Drakkel and other Velious Storm Giants           
Snowfang Gnolls Iceclad Gnoll Clan      
Yelinak Skyshrine King            
Zlandicar Dragon Necropolis Big Boss Dragon         

Faction Checklist - Luclin

Faction Description B S G D A I A K W A M
Shadow Haven
Haven Defenders Shadow Haven Guards      
Haven Smugglers Shadow Haven Underground        
House of Fordel Shadow Haven Fordel Quarter Inhabitants       
House of Midst Shadow Haven Midst Quarter Inhabitants (Casters)        
House of Stout Shadow Haven Stout Quarter Inhabitants        
Traders of the Haven Shadow Haven Merchants     
Sanctus Seru
Citizens of Seru Sanctus Seru Inhabitants        
Eye of Seru Sanctus Seru Intelligence Network        
Hand Legionnaires Sanctus Seru Guards      
Hand of Seru Sanctus Seru Guards        
Heart of Seru Sanctus Seru Ruling Council      
Seru Sanctus Seru NPCs        
Shoulders of Seru Sanctus Seru Ruling Council Guards      
Katta Castellum
Concilium Universus Katta Castellum Inhabitants      
Katta Castellum Citizens Katta Castellum Inhabitants      
Magus Conlegium Katta Castellum NPCs      
Nathyn Illuminious Katta Castellum NPC      
The Truth Katta Castellum Quest NPC Arbogast      
Validus Custodus Katta Castellum Guards and NPCs      
Shar Vahl (Some Missing?)
Guardians of Shar Vahl Shar Vahl Guards      
Taruun Shar Vahl Rogue Guild      
Vah Shir Crusaders Vah Shir in Grimling Forest      
Lake Recondite Bandits The Rogues of Paludal Caverns (and Fungus Grove?)          
Shak Dratha Luclin Race          
The Cral Ligi Clan Luclin Race            
The Grol Baku Clan Luclin Race       
The Sambata Tribe Luclin Race            
The Vas Ren Clan Luclin Race            
Valdanov Zevfeer Absent Katta Castellum NPC (Vampire?)            
Whisperling Luclin Race            

Planes of Power

Faction Description B S G D A I A K W A M
Askr the Lost Quest NPC in the Plane of Storms      
Inhabitants of Tanaan Plane of Knowledge Inhabitants      
The Rainkeeper Bastion of Thunder - Karana’s Faction